Nanabijou Childcare Centre has been established to provide for the individual needs of all children and parents as a necessary extension of the family unit. 

In a warm and caring atmosphere, fully qualified staff will provide for all aspects of your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative development.  Children learn through play.  Therefore, recognized developmental needs will be met in a variety of ways through the use of specially chosen activities, toys, equipment and creative materials.  As each child is unique, emphasis will be placed upon the learning process rather than the outcome or finished product of each activity. 

Nanabijou Childcare Centre also employs the services of a Resource Teacher.  Should any child require additional assistance due to physical or cognitive exceptionalities, our Resource Teacher will assist in adapting our program to better meet those needs and/or refer you to the specialized organizations needed for service. 

Parents and families are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of their child’s lives at our centre.  You are welcome to visit, plan activities for the children, and discuss your child’s needs and development with the staff.  Our centre’s information and resource material is available for the use of all families enrolled.  We also welcome and appreciate your input.  Mutual support is a necessity from which we all benefit.