Staff Information Form

The Staff Information Form is a hard copy form available from the HR office to be used for hiring employees, terminating, wage increases, and processing position changes.

How to complete the Staff Information Form:

  • Enter the start and end date of the position (YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Enter the first and last name of the employee
  • Enter the current address (the place where correspondence should be sent)
  • Enter the employee's birthdate, and SIN
  • Enter the name of the hiring department
  • Enter the employee’s position title
  • Rate of pay (minimum wage) (see union information)
  • Method of pay (if hourly select “yes” for “Time Cards will be submitted”)
  • Include the budget code
  • Include the eligibility to work in Canada and expiry date if applicable
  • Indicate the vacation pay - choose between the following 2 options. This will depend on your budget and how much you want to pay the employee.  
    • 4% in addition to the quoted rate of pay 
    • Vacation pay to be included in quoted rate
  • Indicate if the employee is currently registered at Lakehead University as a student?
    • If yes, indicate the year they are currently enrolled in. Options include 1,2,3,4,5 (professional year), Masters,or PHD.
  • If hourly, indicate the primary and alternate time card approvers in the Remarks box.
  • Include signature of the budgetary approver (must be an original signature)
  • Include the signature of the employee. This can be on a scanned version.

Required Forms

Note: If required forms do not accompany a Staff Information Form it will be sent back to the submitting department for completion, which could cause delays in employee set up and pay.

*If current banking and tax forms are on file there is no requirement to resubmit. Please make note of this information in the “Remarks” portion of the form.

  1. Completed Staff Information Form
  2. Direct Deposit Information
  3. Provincial Tax Forms
  4. Federal Tax Forms
  5. LUWSP Confirmation of Hiring Form (if applicable)