Mandatory CoVid-19 Awareness Module Available

As we continue our transition back to campus, the health and safety of our Lakehead community is at the forefront of our planning efforts. 
A critical component of a safe return to campus is a shared understanding of proper measures to protect the health and safety of everyone. To this end, a brief course focused on an overview of COVID-19, health and safety guidelines, and infection control measures, has been developed. This course can be found on the main page of your myCourselink (D2L) portal, titled "COVID-19 Awareness Site". 
If you do not see the "COVID-19 Awareness Site" listed on your course dashboard in D2L, you can self-register. Navigate to Self-Registration: Academic Support and Training on the dashboard and choose the course from the options.

All staff and faculty are required to review this course content and complete the attestation prior to returning to campus. 
For those who are currently on-campus, please complete this prior to your next shift/return to campus.

For any content related questions, please contact the below:
Ursula MacDonald, Manager, Health, Safety and Wellness
807-343-8010 ext. 8671

Tiffany Moore, Lab Safety Officer
807-343-8010 ext. 8806

Shannon Scott, Human Resources Partner (contact for Orillia)
705-330-4010 ext. 2011
Supervisors, please reach out to these contacts for course completion verifications for your department(s).
Thank you for your ongoing dedication in supporting a safe campus environment.