Warning Siren Information

Why is Lakehead installing a siren system and in what situations will the siren be used?
The University has installed an exterior siren system to alert persons outside the campus buildings to a violent incident occurring on campus. Use of the siren will be to signal a lock-down, deter persons from entering campus, and alert those already on campus to seek cover from danger.

What will the siren sound like?
The sirens will produce a loud ringing tone, followed by a voice message indicating the nature of the incident.

How loud will the siren be?
The sirens have been placed at strategic locations on campus as indicated by a sound study completed in June 2008. The sirens have been oriented such that the sound levels will be 60 – 100 dB outside the campus buildings.

Will building occupants be able to hear the siren?
Building occupants in some locations may be able to hear the siren, however, internal forms of communication including electronic bulletins, web-based messaging, fax messages, and telephone fan-out will also be utilized.

What are the "Lockdown" procedures?
Upon hearing the lockdown message, all persons outside campus buildings should seek immediate shelter. If safe to do, persons outside are encouraged to leave campus. Persons indoors should seek immediate shelter as well, and are advised to stay under shelter until the lockdown is ended. Lockdown procedures are outlined in the Lakehead University Emergency Procedures & Information flip chart, available at the Office of Human Resources – Health & Safety or at http://hr.lakeheadu.ca/wp/?pg=191

How will an "all-clear" be signaled?
Only once the threat to life has ended, on the advice of the Thunder Bay Police, will the lockdown be ended. Persons will be alerted to the all-clear by Thunder Bay Police, Campus Security or building fire wardens. Once a lockdown order has been issued, it is imperative for the safety of all building occupants that persons remain under lockdown until alerted by those in authority listed above.

How will the sirens be tested?
The sirens will be regularly tested using the tone, and a test voice message. The message will say "test" and the campus and city community will be alerted to the scheduled test prior to system initiation.

What protocols should be followed during a test of the siren system?
There are no special protocols in place during a test of the system. This is merely to ensure that the tone and message can be heard from all external locations on campus and all components are functioning correctly.