Unix Printing

The following printer queues are defined on Sleet and Sunshine:

Printer Name Printer Location Printing Option
at2007a-1-md ATAC 2007A Mono, Duplexing
at2007a-2-md ATAC 2007A Mono, Duplexing
at2007a-colour-d ATAC 2007A Colour, Duplexing
at3005-md ATAC 3005 Mono, Duplexing
at4012-m ATAC 4012 Mono
bl-edulib-md Bora Laskin Edu Lib Mono, Duplexing
bl2001-colour-d Bora Laskin 2001 Colour, Duplexing
bl2001-md Bora Laskin 2001 Mono, Duplexing
cb1004-md Centennial Bld. 1004 Mono, Duplexing
sb1027-md Saunders Bld. 1027 Mono, Duplexing
li3004-md Library 3004 Mono, Duplexing
li4000-md Library 4000 Mono, Duplexing
li-main-md Library Main Floor Mono, Duplexing
li-main-colour-d Library Main Floor Colour, Duplexing
pa0015-md PACI 0015 Mono, Duplexing

Lakehead University students can print from the many terminals located in our Computer Labs.

Computer Labs.

For those printing from a UNIX platform, the following instructional information will be useful in successfully printing your documents.

Please visit our Printing page to learn more.

 Printing Services 

UNIX Commands for Printing

To send a text document (ie, .f90, .c++, .txt) to a print queue:  a2ps -P queuename document

For example, to send assignment1.f90 to the first printer inAT2007A, enter following command:  a2ps -P at2007a-1-md assignment1.f90

a2ps defaults to 2-up printing (2 logical pages on one physical page, in landscape mode). The options are 1, 2, or 4 up: -1, -2 or -4.

To specify duplex printing on a printer that supports it, add the option -sduplex (binding on long edge) or -stumble (binding on short edge).

Use the following guide to print out your documents:

Desired Layout Options required
1-up, no duplex -1
2-up, no duplex -2
1-up, duplex, portrait -1 -sduplex
2-up, duplex, long edge binding -sduplex
2-up, duplex, short edge binding -stumble
1-up, landscape -1 -r
1-up, landscape, long edge binding -1 -r -sduplex
1-up, landscape, short edge binding -1 -r -stumble