Orillia Printing


Printing (both black and white and colour) is possible at each Lakehead-Orillia campus. As the printers are activated by swiping your student card and entering a PIN, you will use your student card to print.
Please go HERE to set or reset your PIN.
Printing in monochrome costs 8 cents per page; colour printing costs 50 cents per page. Students may add money to their printing account online via credit card, or at the library (please note that the library only takes cash).
Letter ‐ 8.5″ x 11″Legal ‐ 8.5″ x 14″Tabloid – 11″ X 17″
Monochrome $0.08 per sheetMonochrome $0.10 per sheetMonochrome $0.24 per sheet
Color $0.50 per sheetColor $0.75 per sheetColor $1.20 per sheet

***NEW*** Mobile Printing

  • Orillia now has Mobile Printing, more information can be found here.

You can add money online through your Papercut account as well. Once logged in select Add Credit, choose the amount to add and then fill in your payment information.

You can add money to your printing account at two locations on the Orillia campus:

  • In person at the Orillia Education Library - Cash only

  • In person at the Harvey Legacy Library - Cash only


Xerox Multi-function Devices

Xerox Monochrome Multi-function Devices
Features: Legal(8.5"x14"), Letter(8.5"x11"), Tabloid(11"x17"), Duplex, Copy, Scan to Email

  • OA1018
  • OA1002
  • OA2001A
  • OA3008
  • OA3036
  • OR- Residence, 1st Floor
  • OH-1005

Xerox Colour Multi-function Devices
Features: Legal(8.5"x14"), Letter(8.5"x11"), Tabloid(11"x17"), Duplex, Copy, Scan to Email, Colour printing

  • OA1018
  • OH-1005
  • OA3036