Student Support Series - Video Assistance

Have you ever wondered how to declare a minor or where to go to check if you are on the right path to graduating from your program?  If so, we've put together a series of video tutorials to help you better understand many of the most commonly asked questions from our students. 

Understanding Your Program Requirements - Part 1: The Academic Calendar
What is the Academic Calendar, and how can I use it to better understand the requirements of my program?

Understanding Your Program Requirements - Part 2: The Degree Audit
What is a degree audit? How can I use my degree audit to determine if I am on track to graduate? How do I perform and read my degree audit?

Enrolment Verification: I need a document signed that proves I am a student at Lakehead University.
Where can I get this?

Name Change: My legal name has changed - how do I ensure the correct name is displayed on all official University documents?

Letter of Permission: What is a letter of permission? What are the steps I need to take in order to take a course at an external institution? Is a letter of permission right for me?

Declaring a Minor: What is a minor? What is the value of declaring a minor? How do I declare a minor?

Special Examinations: What is a special exam? Am I eligible to write a special exam? How many special exams can I write?

Changing Your Program: If you are thinking of changing your program or studying a different major, you can apply to change your program in a few easy steps!

Financial Assistance - Part 1: Bursaries
Have you explored the various financial aid available to you as a Lakehead University Student?

Financial Assistance - Part 2: OSAP
What is OSAP? Am I eligible for assistance? How do I apply?


Is there a particular topic you'd like covered in our next Student Support Series video? If so, let us know!