All students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies, rules and regulations pertaining to their studies. The Lakehead University Academic Calendar should be referred to for items such as important dates, degree and program requirements, general regulations and so on.

Students are encouraged to seek support from Enrolment Services – Academic Advising, Records & Registration on clarification about any of the rules, regulations and policies that may affect their academic record and progression in their studies.

Lakehead University acknowledges that, from time to time, students encounter unforeseen and uncontrollable situations that can severely interfere with their capacity to fulfill their academic obligations. Students are encouraged to seek counselling assistance and/or advising at an early stage to minimize any impacts to their academic progress.

Matters involving term work, such as the organization of a course, grading practices or the conduct of an instructor fall under the authority of the department offering the course and should be raised with the instructor or the departmental office.

Academic Advising, Records and Registration Provides the Following Services:

Address Change

If you are moving and need to update your address information, use the online Address Change form found within myInfo to have your address changed immediately.  

Audit a Course

Persons interested in attending a course without being required to participate in the academic component may wish to Audit a Course.

Certificate of Exemption from International Tuition Fees/Citizenship Change

If you are an International student and your citizenship status changes, use the Certificate of Exemption from International Tuition Fees/Citizenship Change form to change your status on your student record.  You will need to submit the form and original documentation to Enrolment Services.

Change in Registration

The Change in Registration form should be used only when online registration cannot be completed.  This form will not override an Accounts hold or if a course is at capacity.

Enrolment Verification/Letter of Verification

Undergraduate students requiring Enrolment Verification can find a personalized letter available online through myInfo free of charge. Students requiring letters with additional information not provided online must request a Confirmation of Enrolment letter through Enrolment Services directly and pay the non-refundable fee found in the Miscellaneous Fees section of the Academic Calendar.

Graduate Request for Program Change or Withdrawal

Graduate students wishing to change their specialization or route/option should use the Graduate Request for Program Change form with their Graduate Coordinator and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  

As continuous registration is mandatory while in a graduate program, this form should also be used by graduate students who would like to officially withdraw from their graduate program at Lakehead University.  For those graduate students intending to withdraw, it is strongly recommended that you speak with both your department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies first before submitting the Graduate Request for Program Change/Withdrawal form.

Intent to Graduate

Students who would like to be considered for graduation need to submit the online Intent to Graduate for each session they wish to be assessed.  

The online Intent to Graduate for the fall graduation session normally opens mid-July and closes mid-September and is for those students who have all program requirements completed by August 31st.  

The online Intent to Graduate for the spring graduation session normally opens mid-December and closes end of February and is for those students who have completed all program requirements by April 30th.

Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission is formal authorization for a student to take a course at another accredited post-secondary institution for credit towards their Lakehead University degree or diploma.  Students interested in completing a course externally must be approved on a letter of permission prior to registering for the external course. In some instances, Chair and Dean support is also required.

Students going on an International Exchange must initiate their letter of permission through Lakehead International. Once the Department Information Sheets is completed, it should be submitted to Enrolment Services as part of the letter of permission package.

Name Change

 If your legal name changes, or you want to include your middle name(s) on your student file, submit the Name Change Request form to have your student file updated.  You will also need to provide official government documentation of your name change.

Program Change

 Students interested in pursuing a different major will need to complete a Program Change form (some exceptions apply). 

Petition for Late Withdrawal

A late course withdrawal without academic penalty is defined as dropping a course after the official drop deadline.

Students may Petition for Late Withdrawal on the grounds of illness or other compelling reasons (with documentation) for having been unable to withdraw from the course by its drop deadline. See University Regulation X (c).

Petition for Late Withdrawal Process

Petitions must be filed within two months of the release of final grades for the session in which the course was taken or the status was earned.  If a late withdrawal without academic penalty is granted, a notation of 'W' ("Withdrawal") is placed on the academic record in lieu of a course grade.

Students requesting late withdrawal by petition must show, through strong supporting documentation that they were unable to complete the course or drop by the calendared withdrawal (drop) deadline date due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

Petitions for late withdrawals are for students with legitimate and documented reasons for the request. Forgetting to drop a class or not knowing the drop date are neither legitimate nor documentable reasons for a petition for late withdrawal.  Supporting documentation must be included in all petition requests.

Filing a Petition for Late Withdrawal

Should you be unsure as to whether or not you meet the requirements for a petition for late withdrawal, you may email or seek an appointment with an Academic Advisor in Thunder Bay or Orillia. If you decide to submit a petition, please follow these instructions:

  1. Complete a Petition for Late Withdrawal form.
  2. Draft a written statement, no more than 1-2 pages in length, that provides additional facts and/or details related to the case.
  3. Collect supporting documentation (for example, a letter from a medical professional, counsellor, advisor, professor, etc.). Originals are required.
  4. Pay the per course petition fee at Enrolment Services or Student Central (either in-person or via telephone); obtain a receipt.
  5. Submit your complete petition package via email/mail* (Thunder Bay or Orillia students) or in-person (Thunder Bay students only: Enrolment Services – Academic Advising, Records & Registration, UC1007).

*Reminder: If submitting your petition package via email to, you must mail the original documents to: Enrolment Services
Attention: Nikki Maronese
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1

The package must include the following items:

  1. Petition for Late Withdrawal form
  2. Written statement (1-2 pages)
  3. Supporting documentation
  4. Receipt of fee payment (original hard copy)

Note: Incomplete or late petitions will not be processed.

Response Time

Most petitions will be answered within three-to-four weeks after submission of a complete package that includes supporting documentation.

If complete documentation has not been provided or is delayed, delays in receiving a response are inevitable.

NOTE: Petition decisions will be emailed to your Lakehead University account, and it is your responsibility to monitor your email for updates and/or the result of your petition. Claims that petition decisions have not been received will not be considered as a reason for further petitions. 

Records Retention Policy

The Records Retention Policy was created as a formal guideline for paper student record retention. This policy rose from the acknowledgement that an excessive volume of paper was being retained. The Records Retention Policy promotes transparency in student record keeping. 

Replacement Parchment

Degrees or diplomas that have been lost, destroyed, damaged or require a name change may be replaced by submitting a Replacement Parchment Request with corresponding documents, and paying the replacement fee (and delivery fee if applicable).   

Special Examination Request

The privilege of writing a special examination is limited to any undergraduate student who has not written over 2.0 full course equivalents of special examinations previously in their program and has:

(i) Failed the course but attained a grade of at least 40% in each course for which a special examination is requested or

(ii) Passed the course but failed to attain the minimum grade required in the course or

(iii) Passed the course but failed to attain the required cumulative average to carry on with his/her program.

If you are eligible to write a special examination, you must submit the Special Examination Application form and pay the non-refundable fee. Deadlines apply. 

Student Health Certificate

If you miss a formally scheduled examination due to illness, you may have the Student Health Certificate completed by a Health Care Provider submitted to Enrolment Services within 10 business days of the missed examination. Upon receipt of the completed Student Health Certificate, Enrolment Services will notify your instructor who will then make arrangements for you to write the missed examination. 


The T2202A is your Canada Revenue Agency “Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate” for income tax purposes.  

You can find this online through the myInfo-Student portal. When reviewing your T2202A, if you have any questions about the full time/part time month(s) component, please contact Enrolment Services for assistance. 

The “Eligible tuition fees” amount is handled by the Financial Services Office, so any questions about the tuition portion should be directed to Financial Services.

Transcript Request

Official transcripts are needed for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: application purposes, accreditation, employment, and funding.  These can be ordered online through myInfo-Order My Transcript.