Campus Amenities

A selection of University services and links are provided below. For additional services, service information, or inquires, please contact or visit Conference Services.

Media Services

 The Multimedia Service Unit at Lakehead University is committed to providing a wide range of technological communications services not only to the University community, but throughout the world. The Multimedia Service Unit facilitates a large group of users, including University administration, faculty, researchers, students and staff. The services are also provided to private industries, organizations, government agencies and institutions of higher learning, both national and international.

For your convenience, all multimedia services and arrangements are processed through the Conference Services Department.

Available multimedia services offered include:

  • Video Conferencing: A service which offers IP internet to ISDN and phone lines solutions for seamless video calling between locations

  • Teleconferencing: Multimedia Teleconferencing is a full conferencing service dedicated to providing quality conference calls

  • Video and Audio Streaming: We provide excellent technical services concerning streaming media with video. We specialize in creating high-quality webcasts content for both the corporate and education markets

  • Studio Digital Production: We provide a full video and audio production service in a Multi-Digital Camera Production Studio (both live and taped). We also offer Single and Multi-Camera Field production with Full Post-Production service (linear and non-linear modes). Format Conversion, Video Tape Duplication of various formats, Audio Tape Duplication and mass duplications of CD/DVD make up for a complete service package

Audio and Video Conferencing

Audio Visual Services


Directional Signage

Conference Services charges a minimum $50.00 administration fee for creation and distribution of A-frame signage (plus strip sign fee if applicable). A-frames are included in the room rental fee of your event if you hold an event through Conference Services. Specially ordered strip signs are an additional fee. Conference Services will be more than happy to provide a quote as well as provide recommendations on where to place signage.

A-Frame Signs

Sign dimensions:

  • Option A: 361/4" (h) by 24 1/4" (w)
  • Option B: 20.5" (h) by 3" (w)

All A-Frame signs come with up to four (4) removable text strips. The removable text strips in our strip signs can be custom ordered to suit your event and location. Conference Services has a large inventory of room and building location strips that are available for use. Any request for custom strips have an additional cost associated with them and must be ordered a minimum of 1 week prior to event.

Sandwich Boards

These signs are used in-doors to direct guests to specific rooms as well as provide event information such as event, date, time, location, and how to reach a staff member for assistance.