Thunder Bay Academic Support Zone (Library - LI 2004)


The Academic Support Zone in LI 2004 is where Lakehead's free academic supports take place in Thunder Bay.

In the Academic Zone, you will find:

  • Writing support
  • Free small group tutoring

The hours and services start out slowly at the beginning of each term and pick up the pace as the weeks progress. Drop by and see what's happening at the Zone. We're looking forward to seeing you!

**Note: Students who want individual tutoring can hire private tutors from the Tutor Registry available on mySuccess. This registry changes is continuously updated as students add their names and credentials to it. If you want the services of a private tutor, you will make your own arrangements to meet and pay the person. Lakehead University does not take responsibility for this transaction. Don't want to pay? Come to the Academic Zone and take advantage of the free academic supports there!