Student Resources

In addition to our academic, individual, cultural, and financial services, we have assembled the following resources, protocols, and policies that you may find useful:

Aboriginal Student Handbook

This handbook contains valuable information, resources, and services for Lakehead Aboriginal students. Click here to learn about Aboriginal academic and access programs, emergency contacts, resources for newcomers and moving to Thunder Bay, University services, and more.  

The Importance of Self-Declaration

If you are a First Nation, Non-Status, Métis, or Inuit Lakehead student, there are several supportive services you can access through voluntarily declaring your Aboriginal status. Click here to find out more about self declaration.

Cultural Protocol Policy

The Lakehead University Ogimaawin-Aboriginal Governance Council (O-AGC) recognizes and supports Aboriginal traditions practiced on-campus by Aboriginal students, faculty, and staff in classrooms, gathering places, offices, cultural events, and meetings. Click here to view the policy that permits the on-campus use of the four sacred medicines in connection with Aboriginal spiritual practices.

Elders Terms of Reference

The Elders Council was created for several reasons including:

  • Give priority to the needs of Aboriginal students
  • Offer advice to the Lakehead Aboriginal community on issues regarding Aboriginal Initiatives
  • Provide guidance to strengthen the University community in their work on Aboriginal issues

Click here to view their Terms of Reference.

Sweat Lodge Protocol

This document provides a set of steps and guidelines to follow if you are interested in booking a sweat on-campus. Click here to view the protocol.