What is Counselling?

University students sometimes encounter personal problems that affect their well-being and ability to function. Typical examples include anxiety, depression, exam anxiety, interpersonal strains, substance abuse, harassment, sleep problems, and body image issues. Students are welcome to seek our assistance for these and other mental health difficulties.

Counselling is a working relationship between the client (i.e. you) and a trained mental health professional, collaborating to develop solutions to your problems and concerns. (Read our eligibility criteria). We primarily see individual students and work with them to address their concerns. Couple or family work may also be possible, depending on the training and availability of the counsellor. Counselling can be short (1 or 2 sessions) or longer, as determined by need and circumstances.

We do not provide in-patient care or complex, specialized individual or group programs, but can assist with referral to professionals and programs in the community that do provide these services.

To access counselling services, please book an appointment with the Centre. Please call us for urgent concerns.

Students are responsible for negotiating any adjustments to course requirements in cases of emergency or inability to function. A counsellor may be able to assist in these matters by providing a letter of support or a Certificate of Illness or Incapacity. If you have been seen for a significant concern that is impacting your academics, a certificate/note can usually be provided. To be eligible for a certificate/note, students must be seeing a Centre Counsellor.

Please note the following third-party charges:

  • Relaxation CD loans - $20.00 (CAD) charged to your Lakehead U account for CDs that are damaged or not returned.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory - MBTI (personality test) - $5.00 (CAD)
    • Note: The MBTI is no longer available for classes. Professors are encouraged to contact Academic Advising to discuss testing.

Students Attending the Orillia Campus:

If you have questions, please contact the Wellness Centre at (705) 330-4008 ext 2115.