OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program

1) What is OSAP?

OSAP is a government funded assistance plan designed to assist students by providing funding for their education and living costs during their post-secondary career. Funding is provided by the Ontario and Federal government in two ways:

  • Grants: money you don't have to pay back.
  • A student loan you have to repay upon completion of full-time studies.

If you apply for OSAP, you are automatically considered for the Ontario Student Grant.

For more information about OSAP, please click:

 If you decide to apply!

We encourage you to apply for OSAP as early as possible! If you plan to pay for your tuition using OSAP funds, submit your application as soon as possible so you will know the amount of assistance you're entitled to by mid-August.

2) How to Apply

You can apply for OSAP here. It's easy and there's no fee! Once completed and signed, if required you can upload the signature pages and any other required documents through your OSAP portal.

OSAP Spring/Summer Extension Form

The 2016-2017 Spring/Summer extension form is available here. If you have any questions or concerns please visit Student Awards and Financial Aid (UC 1007- Thunder Bay) or Student Central (Simcoe Hall - Orillia).

3) Your amount of funding

The Ministry will mail or e-mail you a "Notice of Assessment". This document will indicate the amount of your entitlement to loan/grant funding.

If you receive a "Processing Status Notice", this means that additional information is needed to complete the application process. You can send this information to Lakehead University's Student Awards and Financial Aid Office (not to the Student Financial Assistance Branch at the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development) and contact our office if you have any questions concerning your application.

4) Register for Classes!

Before your OSAP or other government funding is released, you must be registered for all of your classes.  This means that you need to register in at least a 60% course load in the fall semester and 60% course load in the winter semester.

5) Receipt of funding

Before you can receive your first installment of OSAP funds, we will need to verify that you are registered in the course load you indicated on your OSAP application.   If it is different or you are not registered this could affect the amount or timing of your funding.

*When completing your OSAP application, you can choose to have us "assign" the first instalment of your fees. Once received, your funds will be applied to your Lakehead University Statement of Account. 

Note: It is a Ministry requirement that you advise Student Awards and Financial Aid if there are any changes (financial or other) to your situation during the school year. As these changes may affect your amount of assistance, you are encouraged to check the OSAP website in mid-October to see if the total amount of your OSAP has altered.  If you do not, implications such as: having grants converted to loans, reduction of future funding, and/or restriction from OSAP could occur.

6) Remaining Eligible for OSAP

Once you receive OSAP, you must maintain a 60% course load (40% for students with permanent disabilities) in each term, and pass your year with at least a 60% average, in order to remain eligible for this assistance. Click here to learn more about OSAP eligibility.

7) Repaying your loans.

For questions about the repayment of your student loan funding you can contact National Student Loans at 1-888-815-4514. Check out this presentation for more information.

Repaying your government student loans? Please register for an online repayment seminar hosted by the National Student Loans Service Centre. You may choose a date and time that works best for you; new dates are continually added. Sign up here:

This educational webinar will give you information regarding the repayment of your student loans including the repayment process, hints and tips on how to save on interest and what to do in the event that you are having difficulty making the payments.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.