Safety in Residence

Welcome to the Residence services that work to provide you peace of mind. Whatever the situation, we are here to assist, support and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in Residence.

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Safety Tips & Standard Safe Practices

View suggested Residence safety tips and general safe practices in this section and Fire Safety Plans

Fire Safety Protocols

Review Residence fire safety protocol in this section

Fire Drills in Residence

Periodically fire drills will take place throughout the Residence buildings.  There will be no prior notice given for this very important safety activity.  Upon hearing the fire alarm you are required to exit the building immediately and go to the appropriate safe area as specified for your building or alternate bad weather location as directed by Residence Life Staff.  Failure to leave the building goes against Residence Community Standards and actions will be dealt accordingly.

For safe area locations, please see the notice on the back your unit or bedroom door.

Security & Health Services - Thunder Bay Campus

Familiarize yourself with the health and security services provided on campus and how to contact them