Security & Health Services

Other on-campus safety and security services include:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Walking Safety
  • Campus Safety
  • Health and Counselling Services for Students Attending Lakehead Campus

Medical Assistance

(705) 330-4008, ext. 3911 OR 3911 from any Residence or Campus phone.

Walking Safety

(705) 330-4008, ext. 3911 OR from any Residence or Campus phone.

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contact Campus Security at (705) 330-4008, ext. 2009 OR 2009 from any Residence or Campus phone for escorts at anytime to anywhere on campus.

Campus Safety

(705) 330-4008, ext. 2009 OR 2009 from any Residence or Campus phone.

Lakehead University Security Services are located on the main floor of Orillia Academic building, directly behind the Information Hub.  Security operates twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week all year.  Your Security department patrols the grounds and responds to service calls and emergencies.

Please contact Security if you have a security related question or are interested in helping with the development and delivery of crime prevention programs.

Campus Watch Program

Lakehead University is making a continuous effort to promote safety on campus.  Awareness is the key to helping stop crimes before they happen.  If you see anything suspicious please go to the nearest telephone and call Security Services at (705) 330-4008, ext. 2009 OR 2009 from any Residence or Campus phone.

Wellness Services for Students Attending Lakehead, Orillia Campus

(705) 330-4008, ext 2115

The team of naturopathic medicine, chaplaincy services and counselling professionals at the Wellness Centre can support your physical and mental health needs while at University.  All services are confidential.  We encourage you to call or visit the Centre if you need to see a medical professional or counsellor or are just unsure where and how to access health care in our community.

The Centre offers free counselling services that can address stressors you may face as you adjust to university life.  These stressors can range from minor workload stressors, to family and relationship concerns, to complex mental health issues.  Everyone is encouraged to talk to someone sooner rather than later.

Throughout the academic year, the Centre also offer health education events.  All students are invited to attend or access information. If you are unable to attend, please visit the Centre website for health information, resources and services.