Fire Safety

Fire Safety Inspections

As Residence is home to approximately 200 people during the academic year, the University strives to make Residence a safe place to live.  As such, Resident Assistants must make regular safety inspections of their respective floors.  At this time, any inappropriate items will be removed.

Fire Safety and Evacuation

Manual fire alarm stations are located throughout the Residence.  It is the responsibility of each resident to be familiar with the location of alarm pull stations and fire exits throughout Residence.

The fire alarm is a continuous loud ringing of a bell.  Upon hearing the alarm, all residents are to leave the building via the nearest safe exit.

Resident Assistants have received special fire safety training and will act as Fire Wardens.  All rooms will be checked in the area where the alarm has sounded.  Any person(s) found remaining within the Residence will be liable to a fine of up to $200.00.  Assisted by the University Security staff, the Orillia Fire Department will respond to all fire alarms and their personnel will be in charge of the situation.  Once the "all clear" is given, residents will be allowed to return to their rooms. 

If you detect a fire, activate the nearest pull station, call out to persons around you and proceed to the closest emergency blue light or safe phone to call 3-911.  Provide Security Services with all the particulars about the emergency.

Evaluate the area and take refuge in the designated safe area.  The safe area for the Residence during an evacuation is the field on the East side of the Academic building.