Recreational Cannabis on Campus: What you need to know

Canadian legislation regarding the legalization of recreational cannabis use is estimated to change on October 17, 2018. As a result, Lakehead University issued the following.


The recreational use of cannabis on Lakehead University Campuses will be governed by the University’s Recreational Cannabis on Premises Policy. Students living on campus will also need to adhere to Residence Rules as they pertain to use in a residential setting. Lakehead University will continue to review the implementation of this policy framework as legislation and circumstances evolve municipally, provincially and nationally and revise as needed. As stated in the policy, consultation with the students, faculty, staff, and others as necessary, will be included as part of the review process.


What you need to know about the legalization of recreational use of cannabis and working, studying and/or living at Lakehead University:

  • Consumption of any form of cannabis is not permitted in public spaces or workspaces at Lakehead University (including designated smoking areas).
  • Consumption of edible forms of cannabis is treated similarly to alcohol and responsible use is permitted for those of legal age to consume in their own residence room (in accordance with Residence Rules).
  • No cultivation of cannabis is permitted on campus.

Students with questions please contact Andrea Tarsitano, Vice-Provost (Students) and Registrar ( or 807-343-8522).

Employees with questions please contact Adam Shaen, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources ( or 807-343-8334).

For more information about cannabis use please check out the Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines.