Facilities - FoReST

Main Lab

Location: Braun Building BB1071

FoReST main lab

Instrumentation and Equipment Used in Analyses

  • pHobes Electrical conductivity probe
  • Bouyoucus hydrometers for particle size distribution (e.g. soil texture)
  • Organic content removal in soils (hot plates, sieves, drying oven)
  • Mod-Block digestor for total nutrient and metal analyses in soil, plant and biomass=>by acid digestion
  • Shaker, centrifuge and Mod-Block digestor for extractable nutrient and metal analyses

All chemical extractions are performed in the Main Lab, which are then brought to the Instrumentation Laboratory (LUIL), located in UC0001, for analysis by ICP-AES and spectrophotometer.

Prep Lab 

Location: Braun Building BB1073

Equipment for Processing and Preparing Soil, Plant and Biomass Samples

  •  Large, programmable drying oven
  • Large storage racks for air-drying
  • Humbolt flail soil grinder
  • Wiley micromill grinder for foliage, roots, shoots and sawdust
  • Various units for hand grinding (mortar and pestle, sieves)
  • High capacity muffle furnace (% organic matter)
  • Thermogravimetric analyser - LECO TGA 601 (% volatiles, ash and fixed carbon)
  • Various balances with a range in capacity and accuracy

Storage of Soil, Plant, Biomass and Water Samples

The FoReST Prep lab is equipped to store a large number of air-dried, fresh or frozen soil, plant, biomass and water samples for a set duration of time following analyses. 
LECO TGA 601      Storage Racks for Air-Drying

Autoanalyzer Lab

Location: Braun Building BB1069

Technicon Autoanalyzers for Measuring:

  • Ammonium (NH4)
  • Nitrate (NO3 and NO2)
  • Total Soluble Nitrogen (TSN)
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)
 Autoanalyzer lab

Equipment for Sample and Reagent Storage

  • Dedicated Lab fridge and freezer

Field Equipment

In addition to our lab facilities, the FoReST lab is also equipped with equipment necessary to collect field samples. For example we have soil augers, bulk density cores, and portable pH/conductivity probes.