Trainee Recruitment:

Students are recruited from the following academic units: Health Sciences (MPH, MHSc), Kinesiology (HBKin, MSc), Psychology (HBA/HBSc, MA/MSc, PhD), Nursing (BScN, MN(PHCNP)), Women's Studies (BA, MA/MSJ/Med/MSW), Computer Science (BSc, MSc), Business Administration (BAdmin/HBComm, MBA/MSc Mgt), Social Justice Studies (MA), and Social Work (HBSW, MSW).

Additionally, we are excited that a PhD program in the Department of Health Sciences will commence Fall 2020. The majority of the doctoral students recruited for the Institute would fall under the PhD program in Health Sciences or Psychology.

Current Trainees:

Ainsley Miller (PhD Student)

Headshot of EPID Trainee Ainsley Miller

Ainsley is a Registered Nurse with a clinical background in critical care. She is currently a Lecturer for the School of Nursing at Lakehead University, teaching courses with a focus on pathophysiology and social determinants of health. She completed her Master of Nursing degree in 2018 and a certificate in critical care in 2017. She is currently in her first year of the PhD in Health Sciences at Lakehead University, under the supervision of Dr. Kristman. Ainsley’s research interests include traumatic events, occupational health, sexual assault, and mental health.

Thesis Topic: The impact of traumatic events on nurses mental health..

Helen Otterman (Graduate Student, MHSc)

A headshot of Helen Otterman

Helen completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Lakehead University. Helen is currently Masters in Health Sciences student, specialising in Epidemiology, under the supervision of Dr Vicki Kristman. She is interested in mental health and hopes to improve the lives of people with mental health disorders. For her thesis, she is proposing to determine if there is an association between gender and desired workplace accommodations for workers with mental health disorders.

Thesis Topic: The influence of gender on preferred accommodations for workers with mental health disorders.

Kara Polson (Graduate Student, MHSc)

Headshot of Kara Polson, Graduate Student

Kara has an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario, as well as an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Guelph. With a research interest in understanding the psychosocial factors that may impact our health, Kara is interested in furthering the scientific and public understanding of work as a social determinant of health.

Kara holds the S. Leonard Syme Training Fellowship in Work & Health, through the Institute for Work & Health for the 2019/2020 academic school year.   

Thesis Topic: The association between workplace isolation and mental, social, and physical wellbeing: A systematic review.

Maryam Einshouka (Graduate Student, MHSc)

Headshot of EPID Traineer Maryam Einshouka in front of a river here on campus

Maryam is a second-year student in the Master of Health Sciences program (MHSc) with a specialization in epidemiology, under the supervision of Dr. Vicki Kristman. Her graduate assistantship is under the supervision of Dr. Kristman and Dr. Deborah Scharf. Her primary area of interest is mental wellness at the workplace. Maryam's project involves the implementation of a simulation program for hospital staff that aims to improve their skills in motivational interviewing for behavioural patients. Maryam is originally from Egypt where she received her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from Cairo University. She has been in Canada for 5 years, and is intrigued by mental health issues and stigma

Matthew Garrod (Fall 2020 Practicum Placement, MPH)

Headshot of EPID Trainee Matthew Garrod looking dashing in his suit

Matthew has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Health and currently works in communicable disease control in Fraser Health Authority, British Columbia.  Matthew is currently enrolled in the Master's of Public Health Program (Epidemiology Specialization), and is completing his practicum requirement with the EPID@Work Research Institute.

Practicum Project: The association between mental health disorders and work-related stress, including factors such as disclosure and accommodations in the workplace. 

Lauren Turner, (Fall 2020 Residency Research Project, 3rd Year Psychiatry Resident, NOSM)

Headshot of EPID Trainee Lauren Turner

Lauren is a 3rd year resident in the Psychiatry program at NOSM. Lauren received an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Lakehead University and her MD at NOSM in Thunder Bay. She is interested in the mental health of healthcare workers and students in the helping professions.

Residency Research Project: The prevalence and associated factors of burnout and depression in medical students.

Past Trainees:

Nyasha Makuto (Graduate Student, MHSc 2020)

Thesis Topic: Total number of hours driven per week and risk of depression in long haul truck drivers.

Grace Herring (Graduate Student, MHSc 2020)

Thesis Topic: Personality determinants for depression amongst informal caregivers.

Neha Dewan, Post-doctoral fellow, 2017-2020

Project: Worker Perspective impact of Supervisor Training

Chris Viel (Graduate Student, MHSc 2019)

Thesis Topic: The association between mental health disorder training and supervisors’ likelihood to accommodate employees with mental health disorder