Successful SSHRC Grant Application!

Kara Polson, PhD Student, was successful in her application to the SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant Competition: Emerging Asocial Society. 

The project is titled:  Virtual Work From Home & Mental Well-being: A Scoping Review, $29,923.

With virtual work from home being on the rise, in combination with the large-scale adoption of working from home due to the present-day pandemic, the need to better understand the impacts of virtual work from home has become significant. The body of evidence on the implications of working from a virtual home office has grown and so too has the need for synthesis of the available knowledge. Although several studies review the implications of working remotely from a central organization, a structured scoping review has not been completed in this area. Further, a review summarizing and conceptualizing the various effects of virtual workplace outcomes as they relate to mental well-being is not readily available. As a result, the proposed study aims to identify, and summarize the findings of all relevant individual
sources related to this topic. The overall goal of this study is to make the available evidence more accessible and to develop a conceptual model illustrating the relationships between virtual work outcomes and mental well-being. We are conducting a broad-based scoping review of both the quantitative and qualitative literature on virtual work outcomes and mental well-being, with the general aim of synthesising the literature produced over the past 10 years.

The Research team consists of Kara Polson, (Primary Investigator), Dr. Vicki Kristman, (Administrative Primary Investigator, Dr. Lynn Martin (Co-investigator), and Brianna Belanger (MPH student and Research Assistant).