Dr. Vicki Kristman - Student Funding Opportunity 2021 Entrance into the Dept of Health Sciences

For September 2021 admissions, all applicants choosing to conduct a thesis or dissertation with Dr. Vicki Kristman in the area of injury or work disability prevention that is relevant to the EPID@Work Research Institute will be considered for an additional Entrance Scholarship. Preference will be given to PhD and MHSc applicants. Dr. Kristman has two awards available for 2021 entry:

1) One award of $5,000 will be made available to the highest-ranking applicant for 2021 entry. This Award is made possible through Dr. Kristman’s Early Researcher Award funded by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation (OMRI).  

2) An award of $15,000 is available for two years for a student to contribute to the CIHR-funded project “Evaluating the Wiiji app to improve Indigenous workplace mental health: a mixed-methods approach”. The successful student will be expected to contribute considerable effort to the project and develop a thesis/dissertation related to this project. Indigenous students preferred. Please contact Dr. Kristman directly for more details about the project.

All students awarded scholarships through Dr. Kristman will become student members of the EPID@Work Research Institute.

Funding Year(s): 2021/2022

How to Apply:  No specific application is required for any of these awards beyond application to the program. For the CIHR-funded award, please include some thoughts around a potential thesis topic in your letter of intent. It is recommended that you contact Dr. Kristman for further details before preparing your application.

Internal Deadline: February 1, 2020

Award Category: Scholarship

Comments:  For more Health Sciences funding opportunities, see our Student Funding Opportunities page

Funding Source: Internal

Programs Applicable To: 

Health Sciences

Public Health

Funding Level: Masters/PhD