Peter Lau

Peter Lau's pictureBachelor of Business Administration 1986

As we look at Peter Lau's many achievements over the years, a clear theme begins to emerge. Running like an unbroken thread through his education, his professional career as a businessman and entrepreneur and his personal life, is a love of art and culture – and a passion for sharing it with Hong Kong.

Born in Hong Kong, Lau received an education in management and business at Lakehead University as well as the Chinese University of Hong Kong. From the mid-1980s to the late '90s, he worked in the financial sector for a series of major international banks. It was then his well-known interests in sailing, maritime tradition and community dovetailed into involvement with Hong Kong's Sea Cadet Corps, of which he continues serves as Deputy Chairman and Council Member.

The late 1990s saw Lau's professional career undergo a radical change when he assumed ownership of Asia One Printing, a Hong Kong-based printing firm. Under his leadership, the next few years saw the printing house expand into a fully-fledged communications group, embracing graphic design, book publishing and retailing, and – notably – art exhibition.

Since then, Lau's personal and professional actions have increasingly blurred distinctions between art, culture, business and community. Asia One's art space and publishing arms have been a valuable platform for up-and-coming and established Hong Kong artists and photographers, and have made unique contributions to documenting the territory's cultural and art history. Through Asia One as well as personally, Lau has frequently acted directly as a patron of arts in Hong Kong, both by sponsoring exhibitions and being a serious collector of diverse artworks.

As keen to share as he is to enjoy and collect, Lau's involvement in Hong Kong art and culture also extends to education. Over the years he has donated thousands of books to HKBU. He is a board member and External Examiner of the Hong Kong Design Institute, a board member and the current Chairman of the Tenancy Committee of the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Creative Arts Centre, and a member of the Hong Kong Arts Centre's board of governors and the Antiquities Advisory Board.