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Insurance Plans

We’re good on our own, but we’re better together. 

There's strength in numbers. The Alumni Association of Lakehead University Group Insurance Program gives you comprehensive insurance coverages at group rates.

Term Life Insurance

Your Alumni Term Life Insurance plan protects your future and your family with affordable. reliable, and feature-packed coverage.

Dependent Children Term Life Insurance

With Alumni Dependent Children Term Life Insurance, a minimal monthly premium provides up to $20,000 in benefits for an unlimited number of your eligible dependent children. An option for members with Term Life Insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

Financial insecurity is the last thing you or your family should have to worry about in the event of a life altering illness. Critical Illness Insurance gives you as much as $300,000 in a lump sum, to be used as you wish. Pay off bills or your mortgage. Or take that family trip you’ve always dreamed about.

Dependent Children Critical Illness Insurance

Apply for up to $10,000 in coverage for your children. Children will be protected for the same 25 illnesses as adults plus 6 child-specific conditions. This option is available to members applying for or insured for Critical Illness Insurance.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Add Alumni Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance on to your Term Life and/or Critical Illness Insurance, and your family’s financial well-being will be ensured with a benefit payable for as much as $350,000.

Extended Health & Dental Insurance

With an Extended Health & Dental Insurance plan, less money comes out of your pocket for health expenses.

Travel Insurance

The Travel Insurance Plan offers up to $5 million in coverage in case of emergency medical treatment or hospital stay while travelling.

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