Available Financial Assistance


The intent of the Lakehead International Student Bursary Program is to provide bursaries to international students both undergraduate and graduate in the event of an unanticipated disruption to the student’s financial situation due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student and/or their families or financial support source.

The Student Bursary program is a grant and not a loan, which is paid directly into the student’s account to assist with paying outstanding balances for tuition and student fees.

Students must demonstrate financial need and preference would be given to students in their final year of study as much as possible.

Lakehead University International will set aside funds for this program annually.

Students can apply one time per year through the International Student Bursary Program application form, which is to be submitted to the International office with any appropriate documentation, which may assist in supporting their request.  Students are required to be in good standing with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and will have a valid study permit in place, a copy of which will be provided with their application.  As well, International students seeking this assistance must also demonstrate that they have exhausted all efforts to provide payment of tuition including but not limited to, seeking and obtaining part time employment as per the limitations of the Study Permit, while enrolled in Full Time studies at Lakehead University.

As part of the application process, students will maintain the required program G.P.A. and will provide letters of recommendation from Department professors and/or program Chairs. The award decision will then be determined by the International Department after submission of the application and consultation with the student and appropriate faculty members.

Once the student has been selected and approved to receive the International Student Bursary, funds will deposited into the student account through the Lakehead Student Awards and Financial Aid office, to pay the costs of tuition and student fees including health care, on a semester basis.  The bursary may or may not include an amount for payment of residence or housing fees.

Click here for the application.

Applications can be accepted throughout the year as the need presents itself.


The Emergency Loan fund can provide interest free loans to Lakehead University International students for specific reasons.  Loans can provide short-term assistance to students who will be receiving funds in the near future and can be awarded for the following reasons:

  • Students whose funds have been delayed by governments or banks abroad where currency controls do not allow students to bring the required amount of money in one initial expense.
  • Students who have emergency needs that they will be able to repay at a later time.
  • Emergency travel funds for an immediate family member seriously ill or who has passed away. Immediate family includes Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Spouse, child. These funds may be in the form of a grant and not a loan
  • Medical emergencies
  • Food and living related expenses

Each emergency loan will be examined on a case-by-case basis.  Students are required to complete the Emergency Loan application form and submit that to Lakehead University International which will, after consultation and examination of the request, make the determination.

At no time are loans or bursaries from Lakehead University International, granted for the following:

  • Travel expenses related to conducting or presenting research
  • Personal reasons such as sending money to family members
  • Non-emergency medical costs
  • Travel expenses to return home for vacation

Applications for visas to another country (i.e. the U.S.)