First Year at a Glance

As a first year Visual Arts student, you are required to take studio courses in all of our offered disciplines as well as art history. This is intended to expose you to new skills and aesthetics, and to help you define a discipline to focus on throughout your undergrad.

The following first year courses are offered:  

  • Visual Arts 1100 – Introduction to Two Dimensional Design and Media
  • Visual Arts 1130 – Introduction to Three Dimensional Design
  • Visual Arts 1150 – Introductory Drawing
  • Visual Arts 1170 – Introduction to Figure Drawing
  • Visual Arts 1010 – Introductory Painting
  • Visual Arts 1030 – Introductory Sculpture
  • Visual Arts 1050 – Introductory Ceramics
  • Visual Arts 1070 – Introductory Printmaking
  • Visual Arts 1090 – Prehistory to the Middle Ages
  • Visual Arts 1091 – Renaissance to the Contemporary Period

The balance of your courses will be electives in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, or other required courses if you are enrolled in the Concurrent Education program.