Enrich Your Education

Our professors are leaders in their areas of study and are actively engaged in research initiatives across a wide range of disciplines and sectors. You will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on research projects focusing on topics including:

  • Forest fire management
  • Indigenous and social issues in forestry
  • Forest reaction
  • Tree genetics and improvement
  • Wood science
  • Urban forestry
  • Tree morphology and physiology
  • Forest pathology¬†

We offer a paid Co-operative Education option if you are interested in gaining experience that surpasses typical fieldwork and research opportunities. You will complete a minimum of four work terms starting in first year, totalling 16 months of practical experience by the end of fourth year. For more information visit our Co-Operative Education page.

Along with research, our faculty regularly contributes to international projects related to sustainability and environmental literacy, further establishing Lakehead University as a leader in the field. For more information or to get involved, visit our International Projects page.

We have many student-run societies and clubs that cater to virtually any interest. These organizations are integral to our sense of community on campus. They host events, fundraisers, workshops and competitions to bring people together and raise awareness for unique topics and issues. Visit our Student Clubs and Associations page for more information and a listing of Student Centres.