Enrich Your Education

We encourage you to get involved in our Science Outreach Programs - Science Olympics, Faculty of Science & Environmental Studies Speaker Series and Superior Science - held throughout the academic year and in the summer. Participating as a mentor in the Science Olympics and for Superior Science is a great way to gain experience in the field and add to your resume, especially if you are considering teaching in the future. Our Speaker Series is always diverse and informative and will undoubtedly open your eyes to new topics and ideas.

If you are interested in attending a professional workshop or giving a presentation based on your research, the Science & Environmental Studies (SES) Undergraduate Conference Travel Award can help you. Each year 10 awards are presented by the Dean of Science & Environmental Studies to help students expand their knowledge and represent Lakehead University. This is a great opportunity for those considering graduate studies.

We have many student-run societies and clubs that cater to virtually any interest. These organizations are integral to our sense of community on campus. They host events, fundraisers, workshops and competitions to bring people together and raise awareness of unique topics and issues. Visit our Student Clubs and Associations page for more information and a listing of Student Centres.