Criminology involves the study of social and legal aspects of crime, victimization, law, and criminal justice. It is a multi-disciplinary field involving Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, and various other academic fields. As a program graduate, you will be able to, among other things:

  • Define the major theoretical perspective in Criminology
  • Evaluate the reliability and validity of current crime measures
  • Apply multi-disciplinary perspectives to criminological issues
  • Apply criminological theories to help explain and understand complex historical and contemporary social issues and problems

At Lakehead, you will have the option to major, specialize, or minor in Criminology

Any of these options will help you to develop skills and knowledge in the three focus areas of the Lakehead Criminology program: (1) social justice and human rights, (2) law and legal institutions, and (3) forensic science and criminalistics.

A sample of the courses that you could take include: Youth Crime, Cyber-Crime, Crimes of the Powerful, Forensic Psychology, Criminal Profiling, Criminal Investigation, Sports Law, Violence, Controversies in Criminal Justice, Trafficking, Sex Crimes, and a wide variety of other interesting and innovative courses.

Taking Criminology at Orillia will prepare you for multiple job fields in law and justice, such as policing, security, surveillance, investigation, justice administration, corrections, youth justice, social policy, and forensic science. You will also have the option of continuing onto various graduate programs or pursuing further professional degrees such as Social Work and Law.


Lakehead University's Criminology program welcomes college graduates to apply for admission consideration.

For more information regarding specific admission requirements, visit here.

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Criminology, Interdisciplinary Studies

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