Native Nurses Entry Program

Our Native Nurses Entry program is intended for students of Aboriginal ancestry who have not met the regular university entry requirements. Through our nine-month transition program, you will gain the necessary skills and academic preparation for the successful completion of a three or four-year Nursing degree. 

Through the program, we aim to improve the health care of Aboriginal people by increasing the number of Aboriginal nurses who can provide culturally appropriate care in both rural and urban areas.

You will complete two semesters, each 12 weeks long, as well as two weeks of field experience. You may conduct your field experience in your own community or another Aboriginal healthcare setting.

As a student, you will learn:

  • Communication¬† skills essential to Nursing
  • Essential Research and Study Skills
  • Core English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology knowledge and skills

With the support of faculty, peers, and the community, your successful completion of the program will ensure your eligibility for admission into the Bachelor of Science Nursing degree program.

The Lakehead Advantage

Our location in Northwestern Ontario makes Lakehead University the ideal institution to pursue the Native Nurses Entry program. In 2011, 9.8% of Thunder Bay's population had an Aboriginal identity. You will have access to many cultural resources during your studies, both on and off campus, as well as a variety of field placement options in Aboriginal communities in the surrounding area. Should you choose to pursue a Nursing career in an Aboriginal community, this program prepares you for success by supplementing your lived experience with a specialized education. 

The program size ranges from 15-30 students, all of which take the same classes together. This is to ensure you, as a student, will experience your education in a stable and comfortable setting with strong peer support. Many students are from rural communities and bring their families and children with them as they work through the program, before heading on to the Nursing degree.