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What Lakehead Philosophy Graduates Are Doing!

Niles Matson (HBA 2013): Completed his concurrent degree in Philosophy and Education, and is currently a Native English Speaking Teacher in South Korea. He lives in the town of Gangjin within the province of Jeollanamdo, where he works at four different schools.  

Tim Juvshik (HBA 2012): Completed his MA in Philosophy at Queen's University. His thesis was called "Realism and the Background of Goodman's Worldmaking". He is completing PhD studies in Philosophy at McGill University.

Alexander Jackson (HBA 2011): Completed his MA in English at Lakehead University, in 2014. His thesis was called "A World-Maker's Will: The Post-Apocalypse and Human Power in Cormac McCarthy's The Road". Alex began his PhD at the University of Western Ontario, in 2015. He hopes to interrogate potential links between Disability Studies and apocalyptic rhetoric while studying at Western's Centre for the Study of Theory and Crticism.

Ryan Shuvera (HBA 2011): Completed his MA in Social and Political Thought, Acadia University, in 2014. His thesis was entitled "Walter Benjamin at Pier 21: Immigration, Identity and a History of Awakening." Currently, he is completing his PhD at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism at Western University. He explores sonic sites of resistance and is interested in discussions about how hip hop by Indigenous artists is challenging members of First Nations and settler curtures to think about issues, such as decolonization and Indigenous resurgence.

J. Lindsey Torma (HBA 2011): Currently completing her MA in Philosophy at the University of Waterloo, and is working part-time towards an HBA in Northern Studies at Lakehead. She has become a contract entrepreneur, lending epistemic consultation to organizations such as the Canadian Polar Commission, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists.

Dane Newbold (HBA 2010): Dane is the local proprietor of a Gastro pub/Performance venue located on Red River Road, Thunder Bay. http://www.thefoundrypub. com/ 

Miranda Niittynen (HBA 2010): Completed her MA in 2011 in the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research at the University of Western Ontario. Her thesis was entitled "The Myths of Feminist Ethnography." Niittynen is currently pursuing her PhD in the same department, where her doctoral dissertation is tentatively called "Excavating Alterity: Deconstructing Experimental Texts with Critical Feminist Ethnography." She was a contract lecturer in 2016 for the Department of Philosophy at Lakehead University.

Eric Bondy (BA, HBSc 2009): Enrolled in the Philosophy MA Program, University of Windsor.

Yuri Forbes-Petrovich (HBA 2009): Completed his MA in Philosophy at Wilfred Laurier University in 2010. His thesis was entitled "Loving and Being 'In Love': The Social Solution to Jean-Paul Sartre's Problem of Love." He is completing his PhD at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, The University of Western Ontario, his dissertation tentatively called "Treatise on the Contingent Nature of Religious Faith and Truth Regarding Recent Advances in Theology, Discourse Analysis and Ontology." Yuri is a contract lecturer at Lakehead University, instructing a number of courses in  Philosophy and in Sociology for 2016-2017.

William Perry (HBA 2009): Completed his MA in Political Science (political theory) at McGill in 2013.

William Samson (HBA 2009): Completed his MA in Theory and Criticism at the University of Western Ontario in 2011. His thesis was entitled "Rights as Praxis: Sartre and the Politics of Human Rights."  He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, where he is researching 20th century French and German philosophy. 

Kelsey Johansen (BA, BSc 2008): Completed her MES in Nature-Based Recreation & Tourism in the Graduate Program at Lakehead in 2011. Her thesis was entitled "The Effectiveness of Environmental Communication with Scuba Divers: A Case Study Comparing the Curricula of BSAC, PADI, and SSI Entry- Level Certification Courses".

Ryan McInerney (HBA 2008): Accepted into the MA program in Philosophy, at Queen's University.

Stephen Trochimchuk (HBA 2008): Completed his MA in Philosophy from Queen's University in 2009, where he did research on multiculturalism and philosophy.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in Political Science at the University of Toronto, where he is conducting research on Spinoza and Nietzsche. In 2012, Trochimchuk co-authored "The Many and the Few: On Machiavelli's 'Democratic Moment'," published in The Review of Politics.

Miranda Serravelle (HBA 2007): Received her Juris Doctoris  from Queen's University in 2010. She currently practices law in Toronto with Rachlin & Wolfson, specializing in insurance defence litigation. http://www.rachlinlaw.com/

Tanya [Oja] Watson (HBA 2007): Completed her MA in Philosophy at Queen's University in 2008 and attained her PhD in Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa in 2014. In her spare time Tanya runs an awarding-winning home decorating blog http://dans-le-townhouse. blogspot.com/ 

Jonathan Scully (BA 2006, HBA 2007): Served as a research ethics officer at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. He is currently studying medicine at Thunder Bay's Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Daniel S. Walsh (HBA 2006): Continued graduate studies after completing his degree in Philosophy at Lakehead; he was accepted into the PhD program in Philosophy, University of Toronto. 

Christopher Wood (HBA 2005): Completed his MA in Philosophy at Brock University in 2007. He is working toward completion of his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Guelph. Chris has been a contract lecturer for the Department of Philosophy at Lakehead University instructing several courses since 2007.

Dr. E. Kezia Picard (HBA 2004): Completed a PhD in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory at The University of Nottingham in 2010. She returned to Lakehead for a postdoctoral fellowship with the Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture (aig+c), completed in 2012. She is a housing policy analyst for Ontario Native Women's Association (ONWA) in Thunder Bay.

Dr. Liisa Pelot (HBA 2004): Completed a MA in Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario where she was the recipient of the Dean's Award for Research Excellence in 2005. She was awarded her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario in 2016. She is a contract lecturer for the Department of Philosophy, Lakehead University.

Alba [Ieraci] Misner (HBA 2003): Currently Alba is a management consultant at Safenet Consulting, Minnesota, where she specializes in business architecture and analysis, process improvement, and efficiency consulting. She is also on the advisory board for the University of Minnesota for continuing education curriculum, and on the board of directors for the local International Institute of Business Analysis, Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter (2012 Top Chapter globally).

Dr. Matthew Barker (HBA 2003): Furthered his studies after Lakehead, pursuing a PhD in 2010 awarded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at  Concordia University.

Daniel Hansen (HBA 2001, MA 2003): Lectured in the Department of Philosophy at Lakehead University. Since 2008, he has owned an operated a web design and graphic studio, Eleven-seventeen http://eleven-seventeen.com/ . He serves on the City of Thunder Bay's Public Art Committee.

Dr. Steven Jobbitt (HBA 1998, MA 2001): Completed his PhD in History at the University of Toronto, in 2008. He joined the faculty in the Department of History at California State University, Fullerton, where he taught for several years, then returned to Canada in 2013, to instruct at Lakehead University in the Department of History. He is an Assistant Professor in History, and in 2015 became a full department member at Lakehead University.

Karen Drake (HBA1998): Completed her MA in Philosophy at Queen's University in 1999.  After graduating from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law with her Juris Doctoris in 2007, Karen took up private practice as an Associate with the law firm of Erickson & Partners in Thunder Bay. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Law at the University of Toronto, and  joined Lakehead's Faculty of Law, July 1, 2013.

Katherine Maloney (BA, HBA 1998):  Completed her MA in English at Queen's University in 1998 and has taught English in Kenya and Pakistan. She accepted a teaching position in South Africa in September 2013 and is currently working toward a PhD in Educational Leadership.

Dr. Heather Murchison (HBA 1997): Following completion of her Philosophy degree, Heather completed both a Masters in Public Administration at the University of Exeter and a PhD in Government Policy at the London School of Economics. In 2016, Dr. Murchison accepted the position of Vice-Provost (Institutional Planning and Analysis) at Lakehead University.

Dr. Delene Nelson (HBA 1995, HBSc 1995, MSc 1997): Following completion of her Philosophy degree, Delene completed her Masters in Physics, then pursued her doctorate in Medicine at the University of Ottawa. She is currently a family practitioner in Thunder Bay.

Dr. Chris Delaney (HBA1993):  Completed separate degrees in Philosophy and Physics at Lakehead University, graduating from both programmes in 1993. He went on to earn an MSc in Physics at the University of Western Ontario and an MSc in Mathematics at Lakehead, completing both in 1997. Following a stint working as a statistician for Capital One (credit card company)  he resumed studies, graduating with a PhD in Epidemiology/ Biostatistics from McGill University in 2008. He is a faculty member in the Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington School of Public Health, Seattle. http://depts.washington.edu/epidem/fac/facBio.shtml?Delaney_Joseph

Dr. Ken Robb (HBA 1975): Graduated from Lakehead in 1975 (when Morris, Ripley, Doan and Rabb were the 4 professors). Ken completed his MA in philosophy (McMaster) a PhD in philosophy of education (Toronto) and an MBA (Lake Superior State). He entered the human resource profession and moved progressively to VP, Human Resources at Durham College in Oshawa. He lives in Port Dover and works as an executive search consultant with Promeus Inc.


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