Certification Requirements for ORPT Students

A. Certification Requirement

Note: The following certification requirement MUST BE current/valid according to the requirements outlined in Section D.

  1. One First Aid Course from Section E

B. Objectives

Certification will ensure students have basic first aid skills. 

Because of the importance of the safety in various ORPT courses, every student is required to have this certification. Although not required for graduation, students are encouraged to maintain their certification throughout the program.

C. Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each student to bring (on or before the due date specified below) an ORIGINAL of the certificate to the School of ORPT Administrative Assistant for photocopy inclusion in their personal file.

Students are responsible to obtain certification of their own accord, expense and on their own time. Certification will not be provided through the course curriculum.

D. Due Dates

Effective July 2017, all students must have their first aid certificate completed and documented before entry into OUTD2350* (Outdoor Skills and Theory II).

* For students following the 2016-2017 academic calendar, the first aid certification must be completed and documented, BEFORE ENTRY into OUTD 3380 (Field Explorations).

Students are encouraged to send an electronic copy, or mail/fax a copy of the certification to the ORPT Administrative Assistant no later than September 1st, if unable to do so in person. HOWEVER, a copy of the original certification must be brought in during the first week of classes in September.

Administrative Assistant
School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1
FAX: 807.346.7836


E. List of Approved Certifications

SECTION I: Approved First Aid Certification

  • Canadian Red Cross Society Standard First Aid Certificate
  • St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid Certificate
  • Canadian Ski Patrol First Aid Certificate
  • EMP Canada - Medic First Aid Basic Plus (16 hour course)
  • Royal Life Saving Society Aquatic Emergency Care Certificate
  • Wilderness First Aid & Safety Association of B.C. First Aid Certificate
  • Solo Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician course
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • American Red Cross First Aid Certificate
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)

Dated: November 1, 1984

Amended: April, 2002; October, 2006; March, 2016; January, 2017