Faculty of Natural Resources Management


What is Natural Resources Management?

Natural resources management is stewardship of both public and private primarily (mainly) forested landscapes, with the intension of reaching a balance of ecological sustainability, economic viability and societal acceptance of prescribed land use. It employs scientific approach, using the foundations of ecological health, best business practices, professional ethics, traditional values, transparency and public participation.

Natural resources management focuses on all of the issues linked to healthy ecosystems coupled with human interaction, such as habitation, economic resource extraction, and recreation, while also considering the complexities of climate change. It includes the preservation of wildlife abundance, wildlife conservation, clean water, visual aesthetics, respect for Indigenous Peoples, and the continued optimal utilization of wood.

Mission of the Faculty of Natural Resources Management

The Faculty of Natural Resources Management is committed to producing superior graduates and scientists through student-centred learning and research. This enhances the management of Canada's forested ecosystems, and also advances forest science through scientific research that meets the needs of society.

Today's Natural Resources Management graduates are adaptable team players with professional attitudes, ethical behaviours, and an appreciation for life-long learning.

Message from the Dean

Headshot of Ulf Runesson Dean of Natural Resources Management

Welcome to the Faculty of Natural Resources Management. Our professional programs are designed to offer a balanced view of sustainable ecosystem management with regard to the many social, economic, and environmental challenges which face us now and into the future. While we are located in the midst of Canada's vast boreal forest, we are also cognisant of the need to make our students and future resource practitioners aware of stewardship on a global scale. We believe in the responsibility of a faculty such as ours to be connected with the communities we serve; these include Indigenous Peoples, environmental groups, natural resources industries, varying levels of government, and citizens at large.

Environmental Management and Forestry are becoming increasingly complex, and we constantly adapt our research, teaching, and service functions to remain relevant. We have a progressive team of instructors and researchers who are dedicated to the task of creating a sustainable tomorrow, by ensuring our approaches are grounded in both scientific enquiry and in relevant societal priorities. Our original focus on managing and growing boreal forests, beginning as a technical school in the late 1940’s, has gradually broadened as society's needs have changed. Today we are involved in all aspects of stewardship, including giving attention to international concerns, as well as participating in controversial issues faced by modern civilization: poverty, air and water quality, climate change, entrepreneurship, economic development, land use decisions based upon resource harvesting, tenure and mineral rights, and treaty discussions, for example. As we are located in the geographic center of Canada, we celebrate the diversity of all ethnographic groups in the region, such as Indigenous Peoples, recent immigrants, and descendants of early settlers. Our diversity in living languages and cultures make for an exciting and relevant workplace; in fact, all continents (excepting Antarctica) are represented in our faculty.

We believe that forested landscapes will serve our society well into the future with respect to forest products and mineral deposits, traditional values recognition for Indigenous Peoples, improved modes of resource sharing, aesthetics, tourism and finally, the maintenance and improvement of natural ecological health.

As the Dean of a progressive Faculty with the highest regard for ethics and an impressive rate of collaborative engagements at all levels from local to international, I am very proud to welcome persons from all walks of life as they join us in shaping the future – as students, as concerned citizens, research associates, and as individuals or groups seeking advice.

Dr. Ulf Runesson, R.P.F.
Dean, Faculty of Natural Resources Management
Acting Chair, Forest Management

(807) 343-8784