The Department of Music's three Honours programs provide students the opportunity to develop their performance skills, while deepening their awareness and understanding of music history and literature, theory and analysis, and related topics.

Instruction is available in voice, all standard orchestral instruments, saxophone, classical guitar, piano, and organ. Studies in conducting, and orchestration, participation in ensembles, plus elective courses, contribute to the study of music as an intellectual discipline and creative and performing art.

Admission Requirements

Three programs of study are offered:

Our four-year Honours Bachelor of Music program will provide you with a comprehensive background in all aspects of music theory, history and performance. The program is designed to prepare you to enter the work force as a professional musician or to pursue graduate studies in such fields as musicology, composition, music theory, music librarianship, conducting and performance.

The Honours Bachelor of Arts (Music) program, while offering a wide range of courses in music, also allows you to take a number of non-music electives. If you are interested in pursuing a career in music education, this program has been designed especially for you. Upon completion of your HBA, you may further prepare yourself for this goal by pursuing the one-year consecutive Bachelor of Education degree.

Our six-year Concurrent Honours Bachelor of Arts (Music)/Bachelor of Education program offers a wide range of music courses as well as non-music electives. This program enables you to obtain a teaching certificate with a music credentials in the Primary/Junior level or in the Intermediate/Senior level. Field placements are optional at the third year level.