Music Electives 2019-20

Music Electives 2019-2020

A number of music courses are available as electives to both music and non-music majors, from Introduction to Music to Vocal and Wind Ensembles to lessons on all instruments. Hurry, first-come-first-served, the positions are limited!  Request "Permission of the Department" online when prompted.Music Electives


Music 1300YAIntroduction to Music (Music Appreciation)

Music 1310 FA Rudiments of Music (Theory)

Music 1331YA, 2331YA, 3331YA, 4331YA – Wind Ensemble (Band)

Music 1333YA, 2333YA, 3333YA, 4333YA – Vocal Ensemble (Choir)

With permission of the Department, a limited number of spots are available in all Performance Secondary courses.  Instruction in these courses is individual lessons (one-on-one) scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time with the instructor.  All Performance Secondary courses run from September to April.

Music 1400 - Violin
Music 1402 - Cello
Music 1404 - Viola
Music 1406 - Bass (includes bass guitar)
Music 1408 - Classical Guitar
Music 1500 - Clarinet
Music 1502 - Oboe
Music 1504 - Bassoon
Music 1506 - Flute

Music 1508 - Saxophone
Music 1600 - Trumpet
Music 1602 - French Horn
Music 1604 - Trombone
Music 1606 - Tuba/Euphonium
Music 1608 - Percussion (no drum kit)
Music 1700 - Piano
Music 1702 - Organ (requires piano skills)
Music 1704 - Voice

 For more information please email or call 343-8787