Public Workshop Explores "The Impact of Development: Single Industry Communities and Capital Mobility"

Over the past few decades, many Northern communities have experienced little sustained economic growth and now find themselves at a crossroads where the uncertain future of their extractive resource-based economies is combining with changes in global markets and undermining their social and economic prosperity. The recent global economic turmoil has exacerbated this trend by tying the fiscal hands of government, accelerating the decline in business investments, increasing unemployment dramatically and by stripping away markets and opportunities elsewhere. 

Last week the faculty, students, and the public participated a two-day conference/workshop exploring these issues and the challenges of economic development in single-industry communities. To watch videos from the conference, click here.

The full program can be found by clicking here.

The Impact of Development workshop was made possible through the support of the Resources, Economy, and Society Research Group (RESRG) at Lakehead University, ReSDA: Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic, Lakehead University Department of History, Canadian International Council – Thunder Bay Branch, Lakehead University Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Special thanks as well to the Rev. Dr. Randy Boyd and Trinity United Church for hosting the event.