Grant for Film Exploring Métis Involvement in First World War

The Department of History is pleased to announce that Dr. Ronald Harpelle has been awarded a $38,000 Avance medias grant from the Conseil des arts de l'Ontario for a documentary film entitled Le tireur d’élite, about a sniper who claimed he was the nephew of Louis Riel. 

The year 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. One of the fascinating stories from the conflict is that of Patrick Riel, a sniper who claimed to be the nephew of Louis Riel and who was member of the Winnipeg Rifles, the same battalion that fought the Métis in 1885 North-West Rebellion.

Patrick was working as a lumberjack at Shabaqua when the war broke out in Europe. He left Port Arthur in October 1914 and became one of Canada’s most celebrated snipers. He was killed in action in January 1916. 

Dr. Harpelle has produced and directed several award-winning historical documentaries and this is recognized by Avance medias program, which is for mid-career Francophone artists.