Alumnus and Faculty Member Contribute to Special Issue on War of 1812

30 May 2012 - Thunder Bay
Articles by Jean Morrison (MA 1974) and Contract Lecturer Dr. Todd Stubbs published in a special issue of the journal Ontario History celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.
Jean Morrison's article, "To Promote the Interest and Security of the North West Company: Canada's Fur Trade and the War of 1812," examines "a lesser known cause of the invasion: the desire of the part of the British and the Americans to control and expand the territorial base of the fur trade in the west." Todd Stubbs' contribution, "The Scene of its Achievement: History, Tourism, and the Raising of HMS Nancy" examines the debate over the ownership and preservation of an artifact of the War of 1812, the schooner HMS Nancy. Stubbs concludes that the debate around the Nancy highlights the ways in which Ontarians conceptualize their history and historical meanings of place during a period of tremendous social, cultural, and economic change.