Gerontology: Undergraduate Minor

The Interdisciplinary Minor Program in Gerontology

The Beginning of Your Future in Gerontology

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Gerontology is intended to be taken in conjunction with a Major in another field of study such as: Kinesiology, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology,  Nursing or Women's Studies. Several Departments or Schools at Lakehead University have joined the Gerontology Program to provide students with a unique academic experience that facilitates concentrated study in gerontology.

Goals of the Program

The aging of the Canadian population is influencing all aspects of Canada’s political, economic and social environment. The goal of the Minor is to provide students multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge and the perspective necessary to critically analyze gerontological issues at individual, group and societal levels. For more information about the Minor Program in Gerontology, see the Lakehead University Calendar.

Admission Requirements

All interested students who are currently enrolled in a four year undergraduate degree program may take courses toward a Minor in Gerontology.

To register and become an active part of the Interdisciplinary Minor Program in Gerontology:

  • Login to MyInfo and select "For Students ",  "Academic Profile" and "Declare Minor".