2019-2020 Winter Courses - Orillia

First Year Courses

ENGL 1015 WAO - Introduction to Academic Writing

ENGL 1016 WAO - Introduction to Professional Writing

ENGL 1115 WDE - Foundations of Literary Study - (available on the D2L website or contact the Department)

ENGL 1116 WAO - Native and Newcomer in Literature in Canada: Contact Zones 

ENGL / MDST 1118 WAO - Introduction to Film Studies

Second Year Courses

ENGL 2251 WAO - History of English Literature II

ENGL 2510 WAO / WA - Global Literatures in Canada  


Third Year Courses

ENGL 3051 WAO:  Special Topics in 18th and 19th Century Literatures: Eighteenth Century Women Writers

ENGL 3612 WAO / WA - Contesting America: Modernism and Beyond

ENGL/INDI 3751 WAO – Indigenous Child and Young Adult Literature

ENGL/WOME 3850 WA/WAO – Queer Texts

Fourth Year Courses

ENGL 4013 WAO -  Honours Seminar in Medieval and Early Modern Literature: Magic in Medieval and Early Modern Literature. 

ENGL 4017 WAO– Honours Seminar in Ecocriticism: Canadian Environmental Literature