About the Faculty of Education

Lakehead University’s Faculty of Education is a unique and dynamic community that works to advance educational knowledge, to prepare prospective teachers to teach effectively, and to help professional teachers to advance their skills and knowledge. Our Faculty consists of many passionate educators who work with learners to meet their learning goals as well as the goals of future learners. We strive to create leaders in Education who can help to deliver but also affect curriculum in Canada and abroad.

For more information about our Faculty, see our Education Exchange Newsletters.

We offer Unique Learning Opportunities

Our various Departments offer programs and courses that can help you to explore your passions while also preparing you to help others learn. Some of our programs include the following:

Our Research is Diverse

As a Faculty, our research focus is broad, meaning that we can help you to address your personal interests and to meet your particular goals. Some of our faculty member’s research includes:

  • Aboriginal Education
  • Arts Integrated Inquiry
  • Early Literacy and Numeracy
  • Environmental Education and Ecological Consciousness
  • International Education
  • Large-Scale Testing and Evaluation
  • Math and Science Education
  • Teacher Mentoring

For more information about our research in Education, see our Our Research & Innovations page.

An Opportunity to Learn in Two Exceptional Locations

The Faculty of Education offers high-quality learning experiences at both our Lakehead Thunder Bay and our Lakehead Orillia campuses. While both campuses allow you to study Education, there is variation in what both campus offers. For more information about our campuses and their different programs, click the following: