Spring / Summer Offerings

The Department of Anthropology is offering the following Spring/Summer courses:

Anthropology 3801 SA — Archaeological Field School

SPRING TERM 2015 (May 4 - June 15)


This course will provide hands-on training in archaeological site excavation and reconnaissance techniques, laboratory analysis and material culture identification, and mapping. In addition to learning the practical skills required for employment in archaeology, the course will provide exposure to geoarchaeological field methods, and includes a tour of important Precontact sites and Pleistocene (Ice Age) landforms in the Lake Superior basin.


Anthropology 3811 SDE — Special Topic 1:  -- Evolutionary Medicine

SPRING TERM 2015 (May 4-25)

This course is intended to discuss current topics on the role of (Darwinian) evolution in the etiopathology of complex human diseases.  The program is organized into four interconnected modules: a) introduction: a review of key topics and concepts in order to establish a foundation for subsequent discussions; b) evolution and psychiatric disorders (focusing on schizophrenia, mood disorders, depression); c) evolution and metabolic diseases, including obesity and diabetes; and d) evolution and cancer.  The overall goal is to introduce the students to this new scenario whereby human diseases can be understood from the perspective of evolution and at the same time to be conceptually re-elaboared in order to produce clinical implications for society.

For more information, please contact Jennifer McKee at anthropology@lakeheadu.ca