American Researcher to Interview Hunters, Anglers and Others about Impact of Climate Change

See whole CBC article here.

From Boreal Heartbeat:

"How does climate change affect our well-being?

We know that there will be many changes in our natural environment. In Ontario, milder, shorter winters may lead to earlier snowmelt, less ice cover, and changing rainfall patterns. We may see more extreme weather events, more insect and disease outbreaks, forest fires and fewer cold water species of fish (source). 

But how will we, the people of Ontario, be impacted?

Boreal Heartbeat is a study that will document the experiences of people who "live close to the land," in the Lake Superior basin of northwestern Ontario. Our team will be interviewing hunters, trappers, fishermen, farmers, herbalists, and people working in forestry and the tourism industry about their connection to place, their own observations of climate-related changes in the region, and the ways those changes have impacted them personally."