Faculty Narratives from the 2014 Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshop

On April 23-25, the Centre for Place and Sustainability Studies and Lakehead University sponsored the 2014 Sustainability Across the Curriculum Retreat. Each participant from the workshop wrote a narrative on how sustainability relates to their life and work. 

Chander K. Shahi and Roopa Rakshit, Why should environmental sustainability matter to us?
Faculty of Natural Resources Management

Brian M. Ross, Sustainability and social accountability
Northern Ontario School of Medicine 

Dean JobinBevans, A sustainable community partnership model worth singing about
Department of Music

Amanda Diochon, Sustainability across the curriculum narrative
Department of Geology

Douglas Alan West, Understanding my place in the commons: A story about sustainability and resilience in my Life
Interdisciplinary Studies, Orillia

Steven Jobbitt, (Re)Teaching World History: Helping to lay the foundations for sustainability and global justice across the curriculum
Department of History

Karen Drake, The Role of Equality in fostering a Sustainable Relationship between Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State
Faculty of Law

Cheryl Lousley, Into the muck – An Ecocritical Pedagogy
Departments of English and Interdisciplinary Studies

Marg McKee, The role of the university in a death-literate society
School of Social Work

Monica Flegel, Building a sustainable curriculum
Department of English
Connie Russell, Spending my privilege: University teaching, research, and administration for social justice and environmental sustainability
Faculty of Education

Alexa Scully, Sustainability at work at Lakehead Orillia Indigenous Education
Faculty of Education, Orillia

Brenda Sedgwick, Sustainability across the curriculum: Service learning, local knowledge, and reaching equity
Department of Sociology

Sudip Rakshit, Points of discussions on sustainability using renewable resources
Department of Chemical Engineering

Derek Wentzell, Sustainability: A narrative reflection
Faculty of Business Administration