Laskin Award

At the recommendation of the Executive Team and approval of the Board of Governors, each year at Convocation, either in Orillia or Thunder Bay, one award may be given to recognize significant achievement.

Criteria (all of the following must be met)

  1. Major contribution to society in business, science, humanities, arts or public service, i.e. globally successful;
  2. Major benefactor of the University;
  3. Nationally and/or globally recognized individual.

Selection Process

  1. Nominations will come from Board members and senior administration and will be held in confidence by the Executive Team;
  2. The Executive Team will determine who meets the criteria and rank them;
  3. The Executive Team will make a recommendation to the Board for its approval;
  4. Following Board approval, the President will contact the highest ranking individual and determine at which Convocation ceremony the award will be presented.


  1. Awardees will have equal coverage in media releases, programs, etc. to honorary degree recipients;
  2. A personal plaque, inscription on the "Wall of Honour" and a meaningful gift will serve as mementos of the award.

For more information about the Laskin Award please contact the University Secretariat.