Hands on Science

Hands-on Science is a unique partnership between Lakehead University's Faculty of Science and Faculty of Education, which is designed to create enthusiasm and understanding of scientific concepts by pairing two groups - Lakehead University's teacher candidates and elementary school students. It is expected that as many as 150 elementary school students and 10 teacher candidates will collaborate through Hands-on Science over the next three years.

Hands-on Science is an internship program for education students in their professional year that is designed to support the elementary school science and math curriculum. Time and resource limitations tend to provide elementary school students with a minimum of science content as indicated by the Ontario curriculum. Hands-on Science is a way to expand that content in a unique setting.

The program gives Simcoe County students in grades 7 and 8 the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning in the fields of biology, physics, chemistry and ecology. Undergraduate student interns design, implement and execute these activities in teaching laboratories at Lakehead University's state-of-the-art Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) facility. Teacher candidates are mentored by faculty in the sciences, resulting in a strengthened competency and comfort level in teaching science. The end result is a community of newly graduated teachers with enhanced enthusiasm for science that can be shared with their future students.

The number of graduates from postsecondary institutions in Simcoe County is only 12%, compared with 25% in Ontario, and 23% in the rest of Canada. If we want to be more competitive in a growing knowledge-based economy, much work has to be done. Hands-on Science can provide the spark required to get Simcoe County students excited about and interested in pursuing postsecondary education.



For more information contact:

Jacquie Kent
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