Early Mushroom Species Identification and Exploration

WorkshopSeptember 24Thursday7:00 pm
Fee: $79 (plus hst)
Location:Via Zoom
Instructor(s):Bob Bowles, Coordinator of the Ontario Master Naturalist Program

Mushrooms come in different sizes, shapes and colours, and they can appear overnight, covering lawns, meadows, woods, and wetlands. Mushrooms grow on both living and dead matter, and they often form mutually beneficial relationships with other living flora. Some are edible and others are not – learning the differences between the two is important! In this workshop, participants will learn to identify mushrooms by examining spore colour, gill attachment, and growth substrate. We will learn to appreciate not only the incredible variety of early mushrooms, but also the ways in which mushrooms support and communicate within an interrelational, networking ecosystem.

Workshop participants will receive interactive PowerPoint slides, videos, self tests, and other materials in advance to work through before attending a Thursday evening webinar with program coordinator Bob Bowles, where he will work through and demonstrate key concepts. Participants are encouraged to go out into the field over the weekend and return to the Zoom "Trailhead" for a more informal Q&A with Bob and others on Sunday.

Thank you for your interest in our programming. There are no upcoming sessions scheduled for this workshop. Consider one of our other fall workshops!