Sustainability Across The Disciplines Series Part 1: The Parking Lot As Nature

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 7:00pm to 7:45pm EST
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Ledah McKellar


Sustainability Across The Disciplines Series

Join the Office of Sustainability in a series of presentations that explore sustainability as discussed by various faculty members across disciplines at Lakehead University.

Ranging from topics such as how sustainable behaviour is impacted by our psychological orientation to the marketplace, to how digital tools and an increasingly online presence can impact human and planetary well-being, this series will explore some of the bigger picture challenges to embracing a sustainable future.

Part 1 - The Parking Lot As Nature: How Our Dependency On The Marketplace Leads Us To View Nature As Separate, And Why This Matters

If your parents were afraid to let you play outside, did it increase your orientation to the economy? It might have. But getting people to behave more ‘eco-friendly’ is not as easy as increasing their connection to nature.

For most, the economy, or the human-built environment, is the ecosystem in which we raise our children and unconsciously assume where we need to orient for survival. The marketplace, jobs, cell phones, computers, and the grocery store are fundamental in terms of how we orient to survive.

Using a complexity science analysis, Dr. Mirella Stroink will explore how our dependency on the economic ecosystem contributes to our perception of nature as separate from human-built environments, and the implications this has for trying to build a sustainable future.

A presentation by Dr. Mirella Stroink, Department of Psychology
November 18, 7:00-7:45 pm
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