Succeeding with Online Learning

Lakehead offers you many resources and ways to succeed in your online courses. Let’s help you get started.

Navigating and Finding your Online Courses

To get started with your introduction to online learning, the first step is to orient yourself with myCourseLink. myCourseLink is where you will go for your online courses – your username and password is the same as the one you use to access your Lakehead Email and myInfo account.

Check out the following video to introduce you to navigating a course in myCourseLink and its features.


Download the myCourseLink app

Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app that brings news, deadlines, and grades together in one place so you can spend less time organizing and more time learning. This app syncs to your myCourselink account, which is where you will go to complete all of your online courses. By downloading the app, you will have easy access to all of your course content, on any handheld Android or Apple device.

To download the app visit:

The Brightspace Pulse logo and icon. It has a subtle orange gradient with a line that looks similar to a pulse on hospital equipmentGoogle Play Store
Apple Store


Tips for Success with Online Learning

The following tips can help you get the most out of your virtual classroom experience:

Tip #1: Be ready to work hard and participate, just like in a standard classroom environment. If you come to class having already done the readings for the week and participate in class discussions, you will not only learn more and get better marks, you will also create a richer learning environment for your classmates. Working hard in an online course means a few things. First, it means reading, a lot! When your professor gives you access to the course site, read everything you can find on the site, especially the syllabus (you'll actually need to read this several times). Working hard also means knowing what is expected of you and keeping up with course materials. Many instructors release information a bit at a time over the course of a semester. Do your readings and weekly assignments as soon as they are released if you can.

Tip #2: Be organized, even more than you would need to for an in-person class. Use the course schedule (found in your syllabus or MyCourselink site) to know what you will need to read for each class, when your quizzes and exams are and when assignments are due. Add all of these dates to your monthly/semester plan before the course begins. Read and understand the assignments, make a list of questions to ask your instructor.

Tip #3: Treat it like a job! Decide what your work hours are going to be and don't schedule anything else during those times. When your classes are in person, you are given a schedule based on lecture and lab times. When you are learning online, you have to make your own schedule.

Tip #4: If your instructor does lectures online, make sure you attend them. Some instructors will post recordings of their lectures, review these. Take notes (use the Cornell Notes method!) during online or recorded lectures and review them often.

Tip #5: Participate in class discussions. In most online courses you can't just talk in class. Class discussions take place in the discussion forums built into the course site in MyCourselink (D2L). Participating in these discussions will help you in multiple ways. First, there are often marks given for participating. Find this information in your syllabus. Second, it will help you learn and understand the course material better as well as ask questions of your instructor and classmates. Finally, participating in class discussions is a way to get to know your classmates and build relationships, which can be especially challenging in an online environment.

Tip #6: Reach out for help! All of the learning supports Lakehead provides to students on campus are available to students learning online as well. Book appointments with writing coaches and Student Success Advisors using Ask your instructors and Teaching Assistants questions about course content. Attend virtual tutoring and group study sessions through the Academic Support Zone. We are here to help you succeed!


Additional Resources for Online Learning Success

Check out the following video for online learning strategies that will position you well as you begin your online studies. Here are some additional resources:

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Academic Integrity

Understanding and adhering to Lakehead University’s expectations for Academic Integrity is essential to your learning. Lakehead University takes academic honesty and academic integrity seriously for all modes of course delivery. Check out the following FAQ for Students to learn more.