Health & Safety Working Group

The importance of engaging our internal Joint Health and Safety stakeholders is integral in planning for a safe and effective reintegration of staff, faculty and students to campus.

The main purpose of this work group is as follows:

  1. Review and discuss recommendations and considerations for reintegration related to the health and safety of our workforce (protocols, training, etc.)
  2. Bring forward reintegration recommendations of our Joint Health and Safety Committees for discussion and recommendation to the COVID Transition Team
  3. Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) representatives to report updates back to respective JHSC's
  4. During and post-reintegration, continue to review protocol effectiveness and provide recommendations for enhancements.


Health & Safety Working Group members

Adam Shaen, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources (Chair)
Ursula MacDonald, Manager, Health, Safety and Wellness (Recorder)
Hugh Briggs, Director, Physical Plant
Lorne Clifford, Director, Security Services
Cindy Haggarty, English Department (JHSC Representative)
Tiffany Moore, Lab Safety Officer (JHSC Representative)
Dr. Juan Pernia, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering (JHSC Representative)
Theresa Prisciak, Security Services Coordinator (Health & Safety Orillia Representative)
Shannon Scott, Human Resources Partner (Health and Safety Orillia Representative)
Heather Spivak, Physical Plant (JHSC Representative)

If you have any questions or matters you wish you raise with the Health & Safety Working Group, please email