Classrooms & Scheduling Working Group

Purpose of the Working Group

To discuss and develop plans with respect to the various stages:

1. Prior to Reopening

  • Work with Faculties to develop a plan on how courses will be offered and schedules (online/alternative/in person) taking into account classroom restrictions
  • Prepare buildings and classrooms (clean and disinfect)

2. Reopening Process

  • Do virtual course run to ensure scheduling works
  • Ensure classrooms are configured according to operational plan

3. Reopened

  • Maintain and monitor class operations
  • Maintain cleaning and disinfecting protocols and monitor behaviour to ensure safety protocols are being adhered to


Classrooms & Scheduling Working Group members

Andrea Tarsitano, Vice-Provost Students & Registrar (Chair)
Cathie O'Connor, Associate Registrar
Nikki Maronese, Scheduling & Exam Coordinator
Hugh Briggs, Director, Physical Plant
Andrew Brigham, CIO
Dr. Rhonda Koster, Deputy Provost
Chris Glover, Acting AVP Orillia
Dr. David Richards, Dean, Business
Dr. Todd Randall, Dean, Science & Environmental Studies
Dr. Mirella Stroink, Chair, Psychology
Dr. Michael Stevenson, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies 


If you have any questions or matters you wish you raise with the Classrooms & Scheduling Working Group, please email